History of Changes

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1.17b (2005-02-17)

Made all list windows resizeable.
Moved misc setting in SyntaxWord window onto lower toolbar.
Delete button in list windows now also deletes multiple selections.
Added search button to list windows.
Added select/deselect button to list windows.
Moved list window buttons onto a toolbar.
Added filter to some list windows.
Buttons in list windows have been moved to the left side to reduce mouse movement.
Now displays hourglass while creating mode (-when) or filock file.
Improved handling of unknown values when parsing modefiles.
Added support for new KeyScope values introduced in StrongED 4.67a5.
Added shortcuts to all windows.
Textarea in Preview window is now resizeable.
Added simple print facility to Preview window.
Improved handling of URI module.
Added Preview window (Mode->Menu->View Preview).
Changed HelpScan weblink SEDModeEd$Web to point to Sourceforge.
Now uses Syslog to log read/write operations and discarded comments.
Better error handling while loading toolbox modules.
No longer uses dummy variables in obey files.
Now uses ReadToken instead of ResError in obey files.

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