Reading a mode


There several ways to make SEDModeEd read a mode and open a window (the main window) containing the mode data:

The iconbar menu has en entry called Edit mode which has a submenu containing a list of all modes StrongED knows about. Select a mode in this menu to read it.
Dragging a mode directory or a modefile from a filer window onto the iconbar icon.
Selecting a mode in the StrongED mode menu with Alt-Ctrl or Alt-Shift pressed will also open that mode in SEDModeEd.

ADJUST clicking on the iconbar icon will also open the Modes submenu.

If there is ModeWhen file in the same directory then it will also be read by SEDModeEd unless you change the choices.

Creating a new mode

The iconbar menu contains an entry called New Mode, selecting this will create a new mode and open a window containg the mode data (using default values).

SELECT clicking on the iconbar icon will also achieve this.



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