SEDModeEd logo SEDModeEd is a GUI mode editor. It can create and modify modefiles for the RISC OS text editor StrongED.
Current Status
SEDModeEd can read and write modefiles, modewhen files and the filelock file. Most planned features are implemented and the user interface and documentation is almost complete but still subject to change.
Help needed
If you have any spare time please consider contributing to this project in any of the following ways.
SEDModeEd is a very new application and there is bound to be a lot of bugs in it and therefore we need testers to find those bugs. If you want to become a tester please email the maintainer to get some information on where to download testreleases and how to submit bugreports.
All documentation, messages and dialogues are currently only available in english - please change that! Before you start translating anything please email the maintainer to prevent any duplication of effort.
If you are a programmer feel free to improve on the code. There is anonymous read only access to the sourcecode. If you have made changes or additions and want to commit them to the project email the maintainer to get write access. If you plan to make major changes then please email the maintainer and read the introduction for developers before you do anything.
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Download Developer Doc (11KB).
WindowManager 3.80 or later. This comes with RISC OS 4 or later, RISC OS 3 users should install the Universal Boot Sequence
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Download current release (Version 117, 511KB).
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