Deleloper Introduction

Programming language
SEDModeEd is programmed using the Ada programming language. The site has a lot of links to relevant resources, including documentation and tutorials.
A Ada compiler (GNAT) for RISC OS is available here ("32bit GNAT compatibility package") and you can get an Ada mode for StrongED here.
SEDModeEd uses an Ada library called RASCAL. This library has not yet been released but a prerelease version is available here. You should therefore be able to compile SEDModeEd.
The SEDModeEd sourcecode is structured according to the Model-View-Controller template and dependencies between those three sections are as depicted in the diagram below.
MVC structure

At runtime the Model is a list of mode-instances and the Model-package contains type definitions for this list. StrongEDMode contains type definitions needed to describe ModeFiles, ModeWhen files and FileLock files.

These packages contain code to fill a window with data from the Model and for adding and removing elements from the Model.

The Controller contains handlers for all events, both those triggered by the GUI/Toolbox and those triggered by other applications.

Further Information
For every release a developer manual describing the contents of each package is auto generated. You can view it online or download it as a StrongHelp manual.