Reporting Bugs


SEDModeEd supports the use of the Bugz application for bug reporting. Bugz can be downloaded here.

To report a bug simply choose Create Bug report in the Contact submenu of the iconbarmenu. This will (if Bugz could be located by SEDModeEd) open a bug report window where you can describe the problem and send the result.

You may have to configure Bugz to be able to send the report directly. If this does not work, simply choose the Email entry in the Contact submenu of SEDModeEd's iconbarmenu. This will open an email window. Now save the bug report from the Bugz menu into this window and send the mail.

If all fails then do simply send a normal email, but please supply a detailed description of both the problem and your system.

Please read this article by Simon Tatham on how to report bugs effectively before reporting a bug.



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