Empty Name/Author/License/Purpose

If these writable fields are empty after you have loaded a modefile this may be because the modefile does not specify any of those or because the way it does it is not understood by SEDModeEd.

For SEDModeEd to understand it the keywords and their value need to be seperated by space or tab and only preceeded by a '#' and space or tab.

Messed up history of changes

SEDModeEd expects every item of the history of changes part of the modefile to consist of a date and a description. The part until the first space or tab is expected to be the date and the rest of the line the description. If this is not the case then the result may be a 'strange' history of changes.


SEDModeEd skips all comments when reading a modefile, except those in the header and they will therefore be lost if you save the modefile using SEDModeEd on top of the original file. Keep this in mind when you switch between editing the modefile directly and using SEDModeEd.

Note: SEDModeEd will log those discarded comments unless you have disabled this feature in the choices.


If you have problems with the configuration then please make sure that you have ConfiX installed and that it has been seen by the filer. Also make sure it is the newest version of ConfiX.


If you encounter any Toolbox related errors then please ensure that you have installed the latest available Toolbox modules.




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