Commandline use

SEDModeEd can be used from the commandline. This could be used in scripts to process multiple modefiles in one go. Currently this is not very useful as the amount of processing SEDModeEd does is very limited.

The syntax:

!SEDModeEd \ \ [NoQuit]


This is the pathname of the modefile or modewhen file to be read by SEDModeEd. If the leafname is not 'ModeWhen' then it is assumed to be a modefile. If the path points to a directory instead of a file than SEDModeEd will look for both a modefile and a modewhen file and if they exist load/process them.


This is where the modefile or modewhen file is saved. If the path points to a directory then both the modefile and the modewhen file are saved in that directory. Otherwise the modefile is saved to that path while the modewhen file is saved to the same directory with the filename 'ModeWhen'.


Normally SEDModeEd quits after it has saved the processed file. If this option is present it does not quit.

When used from the commandline SEDModeEd will not give any warning prior to overwriting a file.



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